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Attractive Women Are Bad for a Man's Heart


According to Spanish researchers, meeting an attractive woman can lead to serious health problems for men.

Specialists from the University of Valencia say that five minutes with a beautiful woman is enough to increase the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. The situation is worse in case of a man who thinks that the woman in question is too good for him.

It is worth mentioning that our body generates cortisol under physical or psychological stress. Researchers discovered that the hormone is linked to heart disease.

In their study, scientists tested 84 male students. They asked each man to sit in a room and try to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Two strangers, a man and a woman, were also in the same room. Researchers found that when the female left the room the level of cortisol in each study participant remained the same, but when the man walked out of the room, leaving the volunteer with the woman, cortisol levels registered an increase, reports The Daily Telegraph.

"While some men might avoid attractive women since they think they are 'out of their league', the majority would respond with apprehension and a concurrent hormonal response," concluded the researchers.

In small doses, the stress hormone improves a person's well-being, but high level of cortisol can lead to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and even impotency.

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