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Babies Cry in Their Mother Language


Latest discovery proves that babies start learning their language while still unborn.

When did you start speaking your language? At the age of 1? Researchers at the University of Wurzburg insist that we all start acquiring our mother tongues while still in the womb.

They studied 60 newborn babies, one half of those being French, and the other half being German. The findings suggest that babies were clearly imitating the pitch and the melody of their parents' speech when crying.

Traditionally, it was thought that babies start producing sounds resembling their native-to-be languages at the age of 3 months. Researchers are assured that though being isolated from the outer world, unborn babies still can hear sounds, and imitate vocal patterns in order to establish tighter bond with their parents.

Full details of the study have been published in the recent issue of the Current Biology journal.

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