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Babies Start Lying at the Age of Six Months


Recently behavioral experts unveiled that children start lying at a much younger age than previously thought. According to the specialists, babies start lying at the age of six months.

A simple lie is all it takes for a baby to learn to make more complex deceptions somewhat later. It is worth mentioning that previously psychologists believed that the developing brains of infants are unable to learn to lie until the baby is four years old.

The latest studies of over 50 children and their parents were carried out by Dr Vasudevi Reddy, of the University of Portsmouth's psychology department, who said she managed to identify 7 categories of lie used by children aged between 6 months and 3 years.

The psychologist mentioned that infants were able to learn rather quickly that in order to win attention they should fake a cry or pretend laughing, informs The Daly telegraph. When children reach the age of two they can turn to more deceitful techniques like bluffing when parents say they will punish him or her.

"Later it becomes more sophisticated by saying, 'I don't care' when threatened with a punishment - when they clearly do," she said.

According to Dr Reddy, children start using early fibs in order to find what sorts of lie can be used in specific situations, and discover the negative outcomes of lying too much.

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