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Binge Drinkers Have Less Problems with Erectile Dysfunction


Australian researchers carried out a study to find that alcohol can, in fact, improve the sexual performance of men. Recent discovery contradicts the known belief that alcohol is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Researchers at Western Australia's Keogh Institute for Medical Research observed 1,580 Australian men and published the results of their study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The result showed that men who consumed a modest amount of alcohol registered 30 percent less problems in bed compared to those who completely abstain from alcoholic beverages. In addition, even less problems linked with erectile dysfunction were reported by low risk drinkers, meaning those men who had up to 4 drinks a day for up to 5 days a week. Binge drinkers were found to have the fewest problems linked with erectile dysfunction, researchers say.

Poor sexual performance was registered by heavy drinkers, who decided to stop drinking, smokers and those who suffer from heart disease, reports The Telegraph.

In their study researchers say: "Although alcohol may increase sexual desire through disinhibition, the slang term "brewer's droop" captures its reputation as a risk factor for decreased sexual performance".

They add that the recent findings suggest a positive association between low-risk alcohol drinking and fewer problems with erectile dysfunction.

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//1 Jan 26, 2009 01:58 PM | posted by: Unknown
so of course you all get that the more a man drinks the more full of shit he is. Is this scientific? No man in his right mind will ever admit to whiskey dick... especially heavy drinking australians.

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