Wednesday, 21 Jan, 2009 Science

Biochemical Sensor to Help Spot Bacteria


Thanks to its latest invention, which uses biochemical measurement and detection technology, specialists at Stratophase were successful in bringing their device to the continuously developing sensor market.

The company's officials expressed their hope that the patented biochemical sensor with optical microchips will help Stratophase increase its share on the market.

It is worth mentioning that the company's latest invention is dubbed SpectroSens and it is able to identify all classes of biological targets. For example the device can detect proteins, toxins, viruses and bacteria. In addition, the SpectroSens is able to estimate the changes that occur in the chemical composition of liquids.

Experts believe that the market for chemical sensors will register a significant expansion in the next couple of years. Stratophase's officials hope that the company's technical advancement in using miniaturization and cost efficiency will help them make the most in this field.

Some key steps in this direction have already been taken by the company, which upgraded its bio-assay development plant and registered a significant progress in developing integrated optical chips. Stratophase also increased the number of its employees in order to support the development of its latest invention.

According to Richard Williams, chief executive of Stratophase, the company's business strategy encompasses several market segments such as life sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and drink manufacturing, as well as point-of-care diagnostics. He added that the strategy is based on various applications of Stratophase's SpectroSens chip technology.

"We are also developing and adapting the core SpectroSens technology for specific customer requirements", he said.

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