Tuesday, 01 Feb, 2011 Science

Biofuels Made from Agave, Plant Used to Produce Tequila


It seems that soon vehicles could run on biofuels obtained from a plant that is usually used to produce tequila.

Researchers from the University of Illinois say that it is possible to obtain biofuels from the Agave, plant that is normally used to make tequila.

According to a report published in the journal Global Change Biology Bioenergy, researchers mentioned that in 14 independent studies, they noticed that the yields of two Agave species significantly surpassed the yields of other biofuel feedstocks, like corn, soybean, sorghum, and wheat, reports Innovations Report.

Thus researchers came to the conclusion that the Agave had "high biofuel potential." It would be interesting to note that biomass from Agave can be produced as a co-product of tequila production with no need of additional land.

The plant can be produced in Africa, Australia, and Mexico, which makes it not only environmentally but also economically sustainable.

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