Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010 Science

Californian Researchers Working on Small Artificial Kidney


A group of researchers from the University of California (UCSF) are working on the creation of an artificial kidney. They intend to carry out trials of their artificial kidney within 5 years.

Dr. Shuvo Roy, the lead researcher, mentioned that some elements of the small artificial kidney have already showed promising results during the tests that were performed on lab animals.

It is worth mentioning that the artificial kidney consists of two parts: a filter and a cellular side. The former features silicone membranes with microscopic pores that separate toxins from the blood.

The cellular side will have the filtered blood pumped over a bed of cells derived from the person's kidney or a donor. These cells can feel the chemical composition of the filtered blood, which means that the patient's body will be able to keep the necessary levels of sugar, salt and water, reports San Francisco Chronicle.

The completed version of the artificial kidney is expected to be the size of a coffee cup. The invention won't need any pumps or batteries and will be able to last for years and even decades.

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