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Career growth: Look from inside


"What do men and women bet on during their career growth?" The University of Maryland has conducted a three year research to establish the main differences between women's and men's approaches towards their careers. Men and women, having leading positions in the U.S. chemical industry were the researchers' objects.

The scientists from have questioned 1800 women and 300 men, who have leading posts in the industry mentioned above. 26 women and 6 men have also agreed to be interviewed more thoroughly by the researchers.

It was determined that men and women chose absolutely contrary methods in building their careers. For example women try to modify their goals depending on the still existing factor of sexual discrimination, whereas men put their mobility at stake.

Among the first and most important positions for a man's career development was his mobility, so that his career would grow faster and more dynamically.

Women, on the other hand, believe that they should follow a certain, personal strategy in their behavior: they should participate in different forums, notorious projects where their qualities could be noticed and appreciated, and where was a greater possibility to achieve success. Men have thumbed-down this idea and have put it at the end of their list.

Women have also mentioned the fact that they had to work harder to achieve any results in their career. Men, however, didn't agree with the statement either and considered it of little importance for their career growth.

A very important fact that the questioned women mentioned was sexual discrimination on their jobs. Women have emphasized that this fact had a great influence on their career achievements and growth.

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