Tuesday, 07 Dec, 2010 Science

Cheese-Making Bacteria Can Also Be Used to Make Biofuels, Researchers Find


A group of researchers from Concordia University managed to discover a new method of producing sustainable fuels. Their method involves the use of the same bacteria that turns cheese into milk.

The researchers that took part in a recent study, Vincent Martin and his PhD student Andrew Wieczorek, say that the bacteria, known as Lactococcus lactic, is able to digest plant matter to transform it into biofuel.

According to Martin, the bacteria could be an important player "in the development of recombinant microorganisms capable of … direct conversion of cellulosic substrates into fuels."

It is worth mentioning that the research was published in the latest issue of the Microbial Cell Factories journal.

Researchers say that the next step in the study is to find whether the bacteria's proteins can be used to make other bio-processes that could lead to efficient and clean biofuels, reports Inhabitat.

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