Monday, 14 Jul, 2008 Science

Children Born in August Are Less Likely to Go to University


According to the results of the study conducted by British researchers, children born in summer are less likely to study at a university and later become employees with a good salary than children that were born at the beginning of their academic year.

According to the results, over 2,500 pupils each year fail to study for a degree due to the fact that they were born at the end of the school year. A number of studies have already proved that children born in summer show worse results in GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) than classmates who were born earlier, in the period of the school year.

Now Researchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies look forward to extend their study in order to prove that summer birth setback has its impact in higher education as well. Approximately 32 percent of girls and 28 percent of boys, who were born in August, begin their degree course at 19, in comparison with 37 percent of girls and almost 30 percent of boys, who were born in September and might have benefited from almost a year more at school.

Scientists also found that a smaller percentage of children born in August were able to go to such prestigious universities as Oxford or Cambridge than children born in September.

The results were passed to ministers who have already asked Sir Jim Rose, the education adviser, to analyze and come up with potential measures, which would help children born in summer. The actions that will be taken are going to represent a part of a larger review of the primary curriculum.

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