Wednesday, 05 Oct, 2011 Science

Device that Makes Objects Invisible


A group of researchers from the University of Dallas managed to come up with a functioning cloaking device that can be activated or deactivated and which can virtually hide objects by generating a mirage.

The invention is based on the interesting properties of carbon nanotubes, especially the one that allows them to conduct heat and send it to nearby areas.

It would be interesting to mention that the mirage effect that can be often seen in deserts represents an optical phenomenon in which the heat bends the rays of light and thus a displaced image of the sky or objects located far away is generated.

With the help of electrical stimulation, researchers heat the see-through sheet of carbon nanotubes in order to reach high temperatures. Then the nanotubes transmit that heat to the surrounding area, which leads to a steep temperature gradient. The rays of light thus dodge the object located behind the machine, producing the illusion that nothing is there, reports TGDaily.

The most accurate results of the device were found to take place under water. See how the device works in the video below.

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