Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2007 Science

DNA research approaches the origins of human beings


Enthusiasts of genografic project unite to collect the DNA database all over the world so to make every person aware of the place where his or her ancestors come from.

The National Geographic Society together with IBM initiate a global project where more than 10,000 inhabitants will have their DNA tested to make up a huge database. Efforts of well-known scientists in geography and genetic medicine will reside in 10 world regions to find traces of human ancestry.

Aside from DNA information collected from indigenous people, other people can also have their genetic data tested and take part in the research on voluntary basis. Scott Woodward, one of John Hopkins University researches emphasizes that a person's DNA holds an enormous amount of information to discover, including the origins of all human beings.

As geographic location once became a major factor to entail differences in genetic record, this study can reveal the unknown realities of human existence.

Admittedly, Africa is the place where all human beings originate; the later distribution of people has an imprint of their place of origin. The location where each person's ancestor lived is hidden information within one's individual gene.

The results of this global research can become crucial for every single person. The information that people are going to discover about themselves may considerably change their views on national differences. The conclusion each of us will come to is that all people come from one group with the difference of thousands generations.

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