Friday, 31 Jul, 2009 Science

Encyclopedia of Life - Everything About Every Species on the Planet


The recently-launched "Encyclopedia of Life" has the goal of creating an individual web-page for each type of animals, plants, insects etc. The Wikipedia-like online resource currently features nearly 5,000 species of mammals, 8,000 species of reptiles and 10,000 species of birds.

The EoL is a rather optimistic project, at least because one can find more than 1 million species of insects and 250 species of flowering plants and a variety of micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria.

Just like Wikipedia, EoL represents an online source where anyone can contribute. Still, the main contributors of the Encyclopedia of Life are professional scientists. Users are free to add images, videos and text to any page, filling the encyclopedia with new information on the world's organisms. The accuracy of the posted information will be verified by a group of curators. EoL is free of charge - contributors are simply required to post information under the "creative commons license".

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