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Exchange Project to Improve Scientific Accuracy in What Hollywood Produces


It is possible that scientists will no longer be frustrated when they go to the movies; this is in case a new initiative that is being developed with the goal of promoting the cooperation between the scientists and entertainers proves to be successful.

The project entitled Science and Entertainment Exchange was initiated by the US National Academy of Science. Jennifer Oullette, a science writer and the author of "The Physics of the Buffyverse", is the one to run the cooperation. The project was launched to make science more accurate in Hollywood's products and to improve the communication between scientists and the general public.

According to Seth MacFarlane, creator of the Family Guy and member of the project's advisory board, the cooperation is very important. He was supported by a number of other important figures from the entertainment industry who gathered at a press conference held in Los Angeles on November 19, reported NewScientist.

On the meeting, MacFarlane expressed his opinion regarding the fact that over the past several years, science has been undervalued. He added that the latest episode of Family Guy is based on the theory that there are multiple universes. The idea came after he watched a documentary on the subject.

Janet and Jerry Zucker were some of the most important people behind the development of the project. The married couple started paying more attention to the field of science after their daughter was diagnosed with diabetes.

Besides improving the accuracy in what the entertainment industry creates, the developers of the Exchange have the goal of building new bridges between scientists and people working in the entertainment industry. The project may also inspire a new generation of scientists.

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