Wednesday, 21 Jan, 2009 Science

Latest Invention from Warwick Warp - Fingerprint Preprocessor Module


Scientists at Warwick Warp, a biometrics group with headquarters in Coventry, managed to end their first phase of creating a fingerprint identification technology.

Researchers built a software-based fingerprint preprocessor module, which, they believe, will greatly improve the matching accuracy due to the fact that the device can handle low-quality prints and different spatial alterations.

In 2008 Advantage West Midlands gave scientists at Warwick Warp a GBP139,000 grant to carry out their research and development to improve operational capacity and work on the product design.

Dr Li Wang, chief technology officer at Warwick Warp, outlined that the funding has been very important for the creation and innovation of their fingerprint preprocessor software module. He added that the latest grant helped the Coventry-based company to establish in the market with competitive products "that will withstand scrutiny and meet international standards", reports The Engineer.

Nick Paul, chairman of Advantage West Midlands, outlined that by offering grants for R&D, Advantage West Midlands shares part of the risks of R&D activity in small and medium-sized firms. At the same time it helps to bring to light latest inventions that are crucial for a flourishing future of the region.

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