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Girls Are Genetically Predisposed to Be Afraid of Spiders


Recently researchers unveiled that girls are probably born with the natural fear of spiders. They discovered that female babies are already frightened by spiders unlike male babies that seem to remain calm when seeing the creatures. Scientists consider that girls might have genetic predisposition to being afraid of dangerous animals.

It is worth mentioning that earlier studies have shown that women are four times more likely to suffer from arachnophobia. However, the current research is the first to bring the idea that women are genetically predisposed to being afraid of spiders.

The team of researchers, led by David Rakison, a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, studied 10 girls and 10 boys aged 11 months. They showed an image of a spider and analyzed the expression of fear on their faces. Then they showed a picture of spider with a smiling face and discovered that girls spend much more time looking at a happy face, compared to boys, who spend an equal amount of time looking at both spiders. More interesting fact you can find here at; check the links at the bottom of the story.

According to Mr. Rakison, females are genetically predisposed to fear of such animals as spiders and snakes due to the fact that the creatures' bites were linked with danger among prehistoric women and their babies, who died after being bitten, reports The Telegraph. Unlike women, men, throughout history, had to take their chances when hunting for food. Previous studies have shown that the number of women who are afraid of spiders and snakes is four times the number of men.

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