Thursday, 24 May, 2007 Science

Breakthrough - Healing Water to Regenerate Wounds Faster


Scientists from the United States have created a "super-oxidized" water. As they say, the new type of water is able to speed up the healing of wounds.

The firm that developed the "super-oxidized" water is called Oculus and it is located in California. The water was filtered through a salt membrane and according to the scientists from Oculus their water kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The new type of water has shown good results against MRSA. New Scientist magazine reported that scientists from UK are already testing the water on patients that have diabetic foot ulcers.

The main ingredient of Microcyn (which is the name of the "healing water"), are oxychlorine ions, which represent electrically charged molecules. This is how they work - the oxychlorine ions pierce the cell walls of free-living microbes.

It is worth mentioning that the water is only able to kill cells that are completely surrounded by it. This is because cells are bound tightly together in a matrix. To kill the cells scientists take purified water and then pass it through a membrane of semi-permeable sodium chloride. The latter produces the key ingredient of the "healing water" - oxychlorine ions.

One of the studies showed that the healing time of patients who had advanced foot ulcers was 43 days when they were treated with water and some antibiotic. This is much faster if compared to 55 days of standard treatment.

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