Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2007 Science

Humor Comes from Testosterone


Scientists found that humor appears from testosterone-male hormone.

Sam Shuster, a professor of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, found that men tend to be naturally humorous and use more aggressive jokes because they have considerably higher level of testosterone, male hormone.

The professor conducted an experiment observing men and women's reactions when he approached them while unicycling. He said that 95 percent of women were more likely to react with praising remarks or encouragement, while 75 percent of men would react with humorous remarks often concealing a latent aggression.

Men also tended to be more predictable and repetitive when using humorous comments. For example, two thirds of all men respondents asked "Lost your wheel?".

Professor Shuster claimed that male reaction also was more aggressive if men were younger. The younger boys aged 11 to 13 were most verbally and physically aggressive towards him. The older a man was, the more latent his aggressive humor was.

Shuster explains this phenomenon by the effect of male hormones such as testosterone which is responsible for male aggressiveness and thus may find its way into making men use jokes to hide their hostility.

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