Construction of World's Biggest Telescope One Step Closer to Becoming Reality
[05 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
The creation of the world's largest telescope is one step closer to becoming reality. It will be the most sensitive and biggest radio telescope on the planet. ...
Paralyzed Woman Used Her Power of Mind to Conduct an Orchestra
[04 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
An anonymous British woman, who became paralyzed after suffering a stroke and was diagnosed with locked-in syndrome, managed to conduct an orchestra only with her mind. ...
Scientists Reveal the Recipe for the Ideal Bloody Mary
[04 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
As an act of acknowledgement to the International Year of Chemistry, the American Chemical Society decided to officially present the ideal recipe for Bloody Mary. ...
Latest Invention: Giant Touch and Gesture Controlled Microscope
[28 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
A group of scientists composed of members of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland and representatives of a Finnish company called Multitouch Ltd developed a large touch and gesture controlled microscope. ...
Researchers Plan to Drill Through Earth's Crust and Get a Sample of the Mantle
[24 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
A group of researchers from the UK's National Oceanography Centre and France's Montpellier University has decided to drill through the earth's crust and take out a sample of the mantle. ...
National Geographic Team Lift a House Using Balloons
[09 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
The team from National Geographic decided to lift a house using helium balloons (the idea probably came after watching the famous Pixar animated movie Up). The team included scientists, engineers and balloon pilots. ...
Latest Invention: Flexible Organic Microprocessor for Better E-Readers and Food Packaging
[25 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
A team of European researchers, led by Jan Genoe, has recently announced at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference the creation of the world's first flexible organic microprocessor. ...
Latest Invention: Prosthetic Limb Controlled by its User's Mind
[16 Feb, 2011] comments (1)
One of the biggest breakthroughs in prosthetic limbs has been recently achieved. Researchers were able to develop a prosthetic limb that can be controlled by the user's mind. ...
Latest Invention: Glass that Can Generate Electricity
[15 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
New Energy Technologies has been working on the creation of windows that can harness solar energy for a while now. Recently it announced that it managed to create a 1-square-foot transparent glass that can produce electricity. ...
Researchers Managed to Estimate the World's Overall Technological Capacity
[11 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
The journal Science Express, released on February 10, features calculations showing the amount of information humankind can store, communicate and compute. ...
Solution that Makes Nerves Glow in the Dark, Allowing Surgeons to See Them
[09 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, invented a solution that makes the nerves glow in the dark, allowing surgeons to see them. ...
Company Develops Engine that Generates Electricity Using Sound Waves
[09 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
A prototype of an engine able to produce electricity at a high level of efficiency, while being more cost-friendly has been developed by Etalim, a firm with headquarters in Vancouver. ...
NASA Receives First 3D Images of the Sun
[07 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
The world's first 360-degree images of the sun has been recently unveiled by NASA. The current 3D view of the sun is composed of 2 probes taken on the opposite sides of the star. ...
Top 10 Latest Inventions of January 2011
[07 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Solar-Powered Roads, Holographic TV System and much more appeared on our website in January 2011. Make sure to read about these inventions and vote for them. ...
The Best Inventions of 2010
[07 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Throughout the year 2010 we published lists that included various inventions. The lists were published each month and you, our reader, voted for the one you liked the most. ...

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