Our Brain is Overloaded with More Than 100,000 Words a Day
[14 Dec, 2009] comments (4)
A study showed that 100,000 words a day could make a person register problems with concentration. It was reported that an adult hears or reads about 100,500 words each day. ...
Younger-looking People More Likely to Live Longer
[14 Dec, 2009] comments (3)
Scientists claim that people, who look younger than their age, are likely to live a longer life. ...
Our Atmosphere Appeared After Meteorites Bombardment
[11 Dec, 2009] comments (0)
Scientists consider that the atmosphere along with oceans that produced the first life organisms came to our planet from outer space on the back of meteorites or comets billions of years after our planet formed. ...
Scientists Turn Citrus Waste into Ethanol and Biogas
[08 Dec, 2009] comments (0)
Each day scientists around the world attempt to transform organic waste into alternative fuel in order to make our lives greener. ...
Astronomers Spot the Hottest Star in the Galaxy
[03 Dec, 2009] comments (2)
Astronomers discovered what they believe to be one of the hottest stars ever found in the galaxy. ...
First Space Butterflies Developed in Microgravity
[02 Dec, 2009] comments (0)
Scientists managed to carry out a successful experiment - they grew butterflies in microgravity. ...
Modern Development Influences Children's Intellectual Development, Scientists Say
[18 Nov, 2009] comments (2)
Scientists from the University of California, Riverside and Pitzer College discovered that modern development has a strong influence on children's intellectual development. ...
Scientists Turn Desert Into Lush Green Area
[16 Nov, 2009] comments (5)
A real miracle was created by a scientist from the Permaculture Research Institute. Geoff Lawton managed to transform a lifeless desert into a lush green area, where people can grow food trees and mushrooms. ...
Holding Hands or Watching Photos of a Loved One Lowers Pain
[16 Nov, 2009] comments (4)
Scientists claim that touching or watching a partner during difficult times of distress lowers his or her pain. Psychologists at the University of California say that this technique is especially effective for women. ...
Virtual Reality Might Be Used to Aid Bullied Children
[13 Nov, 2009] comments (1)
Scientists from the University of Warwick claim that virtual reality could be used to help children avoid bullying and discrimination at school. ...
Useful Invention from US Researchers - Spray-on Solar Ink
[11 Nov, 2009] comments (2)
Brian Korgel at the University of Texas is working on probably one of the most useful inventions - a spray-on solar ink that could become a much less expensive development compared to the already popular silicon panels. ...
An Avatar Can Affect One's Behavior
[11 Nov, 2009] comments (0)
Research on avatar's impact can become one of the most useful inventions for video-game industry. ...
Babies Cry in Their Mother Language
[10 Nov, 2009] comments (1)
Latest discovery proves that babies start learning their language while still unborn. Researchers at the University of Würzburg insist that we all start acquiring our mother tongues while still in the womb. ...
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2009
[09 Nov, 2009] comments (8)
InfoNIAC Presents is a monthly article in which you will find brief information on the latest inventions described on each month. ...
A Virtual Friend for Autistic Kids
[06 Nov, 2009] comments (2)
An unusual invention released by ArticuLab – a virtual friend for autistic children. More and more children are diagnosed with autism – incurable mental disorder affecting child's ability to communicate with the outer world. ...

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