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Invisibility Vs Waves and the Void Vs Copernicus


Invisibility Cloak for Killer Waves

Instead of creating stronger ocean-based constructions that would resist tsunamis, scientists proposed an easier solution - what if the structures disappeared.

A team of scientists from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Aix-Marseille Universite in France and the University of Liverpool in England performed several laboratory experiments during which they showed that it is possible to develop a sort of dike that acts just like an invisibility cloak which is able to hide off-shore platforms from the killer waves. Physicists used a similar principle in the development of optical invisibility cloaks.

According to the French and British scientists, tsunami invisibility cloaks will not really make the buildings vanish, instead they will be able to control ocean waves in such ways so that off-shore platforms, coast lines and even islands would be invisible to tsunamis.

In case the experiments prove to be successful in the real world, scientists will be able to make a tsunami pass with little or no impact on anything located inside the cloak.

The Void Idea to Challenge Copernican Principle

For along time the dark matter represented a huge mystery for scientists. However, recently physicists at Oxford University announced that the dark matter could be just an illusion. Different scientists are puzzled by the question why does our universe expand. They consider that it's the dark matter that provokes the expansion of the universe.

Oxford physicists proposed a theory according to which we live in a special place in the universe and namely we are situated in a huge void in which the density of matter is rather low. Such suggestion comes in contradiction with the Copernican Principle. The idea that we are located in a special place in the universe could be viewed by some scientists as something absurd.

According to Oxford scientists they would perform a number of tests of the Copernican principle to reveal the mystery in the nearest future.

Source: Eurekalert

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