Wednesday, 01 Aug, 2007 Science

In Vitro Babies to Have Their Father's Name in Birth Certificates


Ministers ask for changes in existing fertility bill to give all IVF babies the possibility to have information on their biological parent written in their birth certificate.

The previous UK fertility law that was published in May would be almost completely rewritten as substantial changes are expected in such issues as development of "savior siblings", the use of surplus babies for research purposes and having in vitro babies have the right to know their parents .

Until now parents were opt to decide whether to tell their children they were born from donated egg or sperm. As this law cannot be changed, government thinks about introducing the law that would make information on genetic parent available for IVF children in birth certificates.

The other alterations to existing legislation also concern the period of time allowed for the storage of IVF embryos, limiting the time from 5 to 10 years. When this period is over, they could be used for research instead of being destroyed as it was practiced earlier.

The would be also corrections introduced into the law concerning children that are developed to save life of an ill sibling called "saviour siblings". Later this was allowed only for those cases when the child was fatally ill, now the government encourages creation of "saviour siblings" for at least serious illness.

There is also a calling to encourage scientists who want to develop chimera embryos from animal and human tissue for research that could help in medical treatment.

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