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Items Used During Apollo Missions to be Auctioned


Those who enjoy gazing at the stars and learn more about our universe and missions to the moon have the opportunity to take home photos, charts, models and many other items that were used during NASA missions. Such chance is offered by NASA who decided to set up an auction to mark the Apollo11 moon mission.

It is worth mentioning that on July 20 space fans will celebrate the moment when humans for the first time stepped on the surface of the moon. The action that will open on July 16 will include artifacts from different space missions, including Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Bonhams & Butterfields New York will present 400 different items such as astronaut clothing and equipment, as well as components used in the Apollo lunar and command modules. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to acquire exclusive photos taken during the space missions.

It is expected that the items will fetch from several hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Items that were actually in space, including those that were on the lunar surface, such as attitude controller assembly used during the mission of Apollo 15 lunar lander Falcon and a joystick of sorts that astronauts used to control the craft are expected to fetch as much as $300,000, reports Scientific American.

The checklist that was worn by an Apollo 16 astronaut would be available for $300,000 as well. The checklist featured on the cuff of the spacesuit in order to help the astronaut keep in mind different assigned tasks during the exploration of the lunar surface. Some items include the autographs of the astronauts that participated in space missions and most of these objects come from astronauts' personal collections. You can see several items here .

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