Monday, 09 Apr, 2012 Science

Latest Invention: Coating that Cures Scratches in Less Than 10 Seconds


Toray Advanced Film has just begun mass production of its latest invention - a new type of coating that is able to repair itself in just about 10 seconds.

Dubbed "Self-cure Coat Film," the coating represents a film that can cure scratches due to a "self-repairing layer" which includes "high viscosity and elasticity as well as cushioning characteristics."

The company carried out a test in which the film has been scratched for over 20,000 times and it always managed to repair itself.

However, there's a limit at which the coating won't be able to work properly - when the film is pierced all the way through. This means that your handset will be permanently scratch-resistant but the film won't protect it from piercing.

[via TechOn]

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