Friday, 05 Mar, 2010 Science

Latest Invention: Device that Uses Micro Needles to Delivers Drugs Painlessly


If you like this invention you can vote for it.Kanji Takada, a Professor from the Kyoto Pharmaceutical University recently presented his latest invention that could deliver different vaccines and drugs without the patient having to feel the pain of invasion.

The professor says that his latest invention is a device that makes use of micro needles that do not break the second layer of human skin. It is worth mentioning that the needles are created using a water-soluble polymer which dissolves as soon as it is pushed into the epidermis (skin's outer layer).

According to Takada, there were other scientists who attempted to create micro needle using sugar, but failed, due to the fact that sugar degrades at temperatures that exceed 100 degrees centigrade. The professor mentioned that his latest invention will appear in Japanese hospitals in two years, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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