Thursday, 18 Mar, 2010 Science

Latest Invention: DNA Suit - Powerful Weapon Against Counterfeiting


If you like this invention you can vote for it.A company based in Slaithwaite, a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England, came up with, what it claims to be the world's first DNA suit.

According to representatives of John Cavendish Ltd, the company's latest invention is made of fibers that were immersed in plant DNA. With such garment, producers will be able to prove the product's authenticity and avoid counterfeiting.

The botanical DNA, used in the garment, functions similarly to our fingerprints. "Plants have a unique code, a genetic fingerprint that can be applied to cloth to stand for 'woven in Yorkshire'," said James Michelsberg, the person who created the revolutionary suit.

According to the producer, the invention will offer new ways of proving the authenticity of fabrics, considerably lowering the amount of counterfeit products, informs Examiner. The DNA suit is expected to be available for GBP600.

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