Friday, 25 Feb, 2011 Science

Latest Invention: Flexible Organic Microprocessor for Better E-Readers and Food Packaging


A team of European researchers, led by Jan Genoe, has recently announced at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference that took place in San Francisco CA the creation of the world's first flexible organic microprocessor.

The latest invention makes use of organic semiconductors and can be applied in the development of flexible displays, sensors and even high-tech fashion. It could also help create more advanced e-readers.

It is worth mentioning that the flexible microprocessor was created by polymer and molecular electronics researchers at Imec (a Belgian nanotech research center), informs IEEE Spectrum.

There can be different uses for the flexible microprocessor, for example if it is wrapped around pipes it could be used to record water pressure. Researchers also claim that the invention could be used to package food (thus indicating when the food starts to spoil) and pharmaceuticals (helping those who forgot to take their meds).

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