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Latest Invention: Glass that Can Generate Electricity


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A company called New Energy Technologies has been working on the creation of windows that can harness solar energy for a while now. Recently the company announced that it managed to create a working 1-square-foot transparent glass prototype that can produce electricity.

The previous version of New Energy's invention was only 4x4 inches, and, according to the company, the boost in size is a huge step towards making the product available in the stores.

The process used by New Energy involves "spraying" power-generating, nano-sized solar cells right onto glass.

The company says that its innovative process is "eliminating expensive and often cumbersome or high-vacuum production methods typically used by current solar manufacturers."

It is worth mentioning that the thickness of the coatings is 10 times less than the thickness of thin films, reports EarthTechling.

New Energy states that because its solar cell can produce power from both natural and artificial light sources, they are 10 times more effective than the commercial solar and thin-film technologies used today.

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