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Latest Invention: I2R e-Paper Can Be Erased and Reused 260 Times


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A team of researchers at Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute developed a paper that can be reused as much as 260 times.

With the help of the i2R e-Paper users will be able to print a document, erase it when it's not necessary anymore and print another one on the same paper.

What differentiates it from the traditional paper is the plastic film coated with cholestric liquid crystals (their names comes from the fact that these crystals look like cholesterol molecules).

According to the researchers their latest invention can be used to create paper signs and posters that nowadays are produced by the millions worldwide.

It would be interesting to note that the e-Paper is very lightweight, soft and rewritable. After connecting it to electricity, the user can erase the text written on the paper. Researchers also used a modified printer that erases the text on the paper by rolling it backwards.

Currently the team looks forward to launching an A4 sized model of its e-paper. The invention will cost about $60 Taiwan dollars (US$2).

In just two years Taiwanese researchers hope their e-Paper will hit the market, reports Reuters.

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