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Latest Invention: IdeaPaint - Turn Any Surface Into a Whiteboard


Usually classrooms, laboratories and offices are equipped with traditional whiteboards. But sometimes the area of the whiteboard is not enough for all the ideas, equations, or random stuff that just needs to be there.

With this in mind researchers have come up with IdeaPaint, which virtually turns any surface it is applied to into a dry erase board.

As soon as the paint is dry, users can easily write on it with the help of standard dry erase markers, and then wipe off the written stuff using a soft cloth.

The authors of IdeaPaint also suggest that their invention could be applied to things like refrigerators, desk tops, lockers, or any other surface where people can leave notes or messages.

There are two versions of the paint: CREATE and PRO. The former comes in white, black, or clear (which, when applied, allows the color of the surface underneath the paint to show through). The price of the CREATE version (which allows to cover 50 square feet (4.7 square meters)) is US$225. You can apply the paint with the help of a roller or sprayer.

PRO represents a more durable version of the paint. But due to the fact that it is less innocuous in its liquid form, you need to use professional installation. Its price is lower - US$199.50.

[via IdeaPaint]

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