Monday, 16 Jan, 2012 Science

Latest Invention: Invisible Nanocoating from Liquipel Makes Gadgets Completely Waterproof


Everybody knows that water is dangerous for electronic equipment. Recently the American firm called Liquipel announced that it managed to come up with a revolutionary way of making electronics completely waterproof.

With the help of a new method, the company applies a special hydrophobic nanocoating on gadgets and thus makes them completely waterproof.

The coating is invisible even at a second glance. You won't even able to detect its presence since it is 1000x times thinner than a human hair. In addition, the company ensures that its nanocoating will not affect the design, feel and performance of any device it is applied on.

The method used by Liquipel makes not only the outer part of a device waterproof but even the components found inside.

[via Liquipel]

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