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Latest Invention: Material Able to Store Enormous Amount of Holographic Data


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A team of researchers from the University of Arizona managed to create a material that in the near future could be used to store huge amount of shifting holographic data.

Nasser Peyghambarian, an optical researcher from the University mentioned that the substance could be used in medicine, manufacturing and entertainment fields.

"From day one, I thought about the hologram of Princess Leia and whether it can be brought out of science fiction," said Peyghambarian. But scientists demonstrated that it is possible to create a dynamic hologram that has the size and resolution of Princess Leia.

The scientist also said that by creating a material able to store and display 3D pictures with a 2sec refresh rate the team managed to obtain true holographic quality.

The prototype system is able to record 3D data by filming an object from different angles with the help of 16 cameras. Each camera takes a picture of the object every second.

Afterwards a computer processes all 16 views into holographic pixel data and transmits a signal to 2 pulsed laser beams. The latter write the information into the recording material. Throughout this process the laser beams combine in order to create an interference pattern of light and dark patches in the recording material. Then the laser beams fire another light at the patter, thus reconstructing the three-dimensional pictures, reports

Peyghambarian mentioned that in a static hologram features a recording material the physical properties of which continuously change by the interference pattern, which means that the image cannot be refreshed. The team, however, invented a rewritable recording material made of a mix of plastic polymers, called PATPD/CAAN.

Together with his team Peyghambarian built and carried out trials of a 17-inch display with an ultra-swift refresh rate. The display is able to produce a high-quality picture, in combination with the new rewritable recording material.

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