Thursday, 11 Aug, 2011 Science

Latest Invention: Mirror that Calculates Your Heart Rate


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A group of students from the MIT Media Lab developed a mirror that was recently presented at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies program. The interesting feature of the Cardiocam Mirror is that it is able to record the heart rate of the person facing it and show the data right on the surface.

The invention eliminates the need to use sensors, electrodes, or any wires that usually people have to strap on them.

Here's how the mirror estimates your heart rate without any wires or sensors: which each beat of the heart, the facial capillaries are being filled with blood and then empted. This changes the tone of the skin on a person's face. The built-in webcam records the alterations in the skin tone and then a computer processes the changes to show the user's heart rate, reports LiveScience.

So far the mirror can calculate only heart rate but in the future researchers hope it will perform a variety of other functions, becoming a home health management system that can show the levels of cholesterol levels and body mass index (BMI).

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