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Latest Invention: New-Gen Adhesive Tape Inspired from Insects


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A team of scientists from the Zoological Institute at the University of Kiel in Germany decided to study various ceiling-walking insects to come up with a revolutionary dry adhesive tape.

The new tape has a very high level of bonding strength. In addition, it can be attached and detached numerous times without losing its gluing properties.

It would be interesting to note that a lot of insects and geckos have small hairs on their body. These hairs are also known as setae and their property is the secret behind the wall-climbing ability of insects and geckos.

The team, led by Stanislav Gorb, managed to invent a silicone tape by making use if tiny hairs similar to those found on insects. The tape is a least 2 times harder to detach from a surface than a flat tape made of the same material.

Besides, the bioinspired tape does not leave sticky leftovers and is also functional under water. According to the researchers their tape can be reused thousands of times while maintaining the same level of stickiness.

To test the adhesive features of the tape, researchers stuck a piece of the new material measuring 20 x 20 cm (7.87 in) to the ceiling and one of the team members swung from the ceiling.

The University of Kiel team unveiled their discovery at the AVS Symposium that took place this November in Nashville, reports Gizmag.

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