Saturday, 25 Aug, 2012 Science

Latest Invention: New Heat-Resistant Face Camouflage Paint


During a firefight, the hardest thing for a soldier to protect is their face. Face paint used for camouflage makes things even worse, which is why researchers decided to come up with a new type of paint that protects human skin from intense heat.

Usually face paint includes carbon, oil and wax bases, but the new material replaces all that with silicone. It can increase the time of high heat protection from a couple of seconds to as many as 15 seconds, which is quite enough for a soldier to turn away.

It is worth mentioning that the paint was developed by specialists from the University of Southern Mississippi. Scientists have now plans to develop a clear version for firefighters and even face paint with built-in mosquito repellant to help people in bug-prone regions.

Watch the video below to see how the paint protects a metal sheet from a direct blowtorch blast.

[via Newscientist]

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