Monday, 01 Feb, 2010 Science

Latest Invention: New Water-based Material that Can Replace Plastics


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.Scientists at the University of Tokyo managed to create a brand new material that is composed of 98 percent water. Researchers hope that their latest invention could one day serve as an alternative for petroleum-based plastics.

The latest invention of the Japanese researchers is called Aqua Material and besides water, the new material is also composed of clay mineral that is sometimes used in cosmetics, sodium polyacrylate, which is a chemical that is used in diapers to absorb moisture and an altered form of a medical compound known as G3-binder.

The strength of the new material is almost the same as the strength of silicon used in plastic surgery. If researchers use more clay they can make the material more rigid. When cut, the material "self-heals." In addition, the water-based invention can withstand temperature as high as 100 degrees Celsius.

Researchers consider their latest invention can be used in medicine, for example in treating internal injuries. It is worth mentioning that information on the new material was published in the British science journal Nature.

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