Friday, 14 Jan, 2011 Science

Latest Invention: Packaging that Shows When Food is Spoiled


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Scottish researchers managed to create food packaging that can changes color as soon as it identifies when a food is going bad.

The packaging represents a "smart plastic" film developed at Glasgow's University of Strathclyde.

The intelligent film is going to be used together with modified atmosphere packing. The latter is a process that prolongs the life of food by replacing the air inside its packaging with nitrogen carbon dioxide. The atmosphere packaging usually has inserted labels that show the level of freshness.

According to the researchers, their plastic could be incorporated into the production of packaging, thus eliminating the need of making and inserting labels separately.

"We hope that this will reduce the risk of people eating food which is no longer fit for consumption and help prevent unnecessary waste of food," stated the lead researcher Prof. Andrew Mills. He added that the new packaging is expected to have "a direct and positive impact on the meat and seafood industries."

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