Wednesday, 16 Feb, 2011 Science

Latest Invention: Prosthetic Limb Controlled by its User's Mind


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One of the biggest breakthroughs in prosthetic limbs has been recently achieved. Researchers were able to develop a prosthetic limb that can be controlled by the user's mind.

Currently researchers are working on making the limbs' motions more flexible. The latest invention works in the following way: the user has to think of a motion and then the brain signals are caught by sensors and transmitted to the prosthetic limb.

One of the first to receive the invention is Jesse Sullivan. About 8 years ago he underwent several surgeries which enabled him to use the new limb.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of amputees lose control over the nerves. However, due to the fact that Mr. Sullivan was able to maintain that control he can now make use of the new prosthetic limb.

At the moment researchers at the Northwestern University in the United States are studying more brain patterns to figure out whether those can be used with the prosthetic limbs, reports Tech2.0.

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