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Latest Invention: Spider Pill That Scans for Serious Conditions Like Colon Cancer


Italian researchers came up with a new method of scanning for diseases such as colon cancer. Their latest invention is a so-called spider pill that is swallowed by the patient and which has small moving legs and a tiny built-in camera.

Scientists consider that their latest invention might replace the complicated invasive process of identifying serious conditions. The patient simply swallows the pill and doctors do the rest. As soon as the spider pill is inside the colon, doctors remotely activate it. The device then crawls inside like a spider, being able to move back and forth, providing doctors with more flexibility when making a diagnosis.

According to Dr Enrico Grasso, a cancer expert at the University Hospital Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy, the latest invention could eliminate the necessity of using endoscopes that quite often make patients feel uncomfortable.

Although previous researchers managed to develop a pill with a camera, the current invention is the first in the world that can be remotely controlled after being swallowed, reports The Telegraph. After the examination the spider pill exits the patient's body the natural way.

Up till now scientists performed a number of successful tests on pigs. However, still several trials are needed before the invention could be tested on humans and cleared for used by medical staff.

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