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Latest Invention: Spray-On Solution that Makes Clothes Forever Bacteria-Free


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A group of US researchers led by Dr Jason Locklin managed to come up with a revolutionary microbial treatment able to make clothing free of germs forever.

Scientists from the University of Georgia say that their spray-on solution can be easily applied to different types of clothing.

The invention could be used in the field of medicine to provide low-cost protection for various healthcare facilities.

Materials that are germs-free have been available for a while now, but theses clothes were chemically treated during the manufacturing process. The new spray-on solution, however, can make different already produced materials, be it those made of natural or synthetic textiles, free of bacteria anytime.

Thus it is possible to make clothes, home carpets, shoes and even plastics completely free of germs.

According to a paper available in the American Chemical Society journal Applied Materials and Interfaces, the solution can kill a wide variety of dangerous pathogens, such as staph, strep, E. coli, pseudomonas and acetinobacter. Most of these bacteria can lead to different diseases, break down fabrics and produce stains and odors.

During trials researchers found that just one application was enough to halt the development of all further bacterial at a temperature of up to 37 degrees Celsius. In addition, the invention has the same effect even after numerous hot water laundry cycles, reports BBC.

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