Thursday, 11 Aug, 2011 Science

Latest Invention: Tough Sand Bricks Made Using CO2


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Researchers from a Japanese construction and design company recently presented a number of strong bricks that are tougher than concrete and which can be produced in a short amount of time and used to build shelters in various disaster zones.

Probably the most interesting thing about the new type of brick is that its main component is sand. The process of manufacturing the brick involves the use of CO2 and epoxy binder. The former hardens the sand while the latter offers tensile strength.

According to the researchers from Tis&Partners their invention shows two-and-a-half times the tensile strength of concrete in a day. This means that the process of walls erection would require much less steel reinforcement. Thus the brick represents an ideal material for emergency constructions.

In addition, due to the fact that the bricks can be produced locally, it is very easy to bring them to the construction site, reports DigiInfo.

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