Tuesday, 30 Jun, 2009 Science

Latest Invention: Ultra Strong Body Armor From Cement


Soon soldiers could be much less vulnerable to all kinds of bullets thanks to a body armor made from cement. The latest invention of the engineers from the University of Leeds will be made of very strong cement mixed with carbon fiber materials. Thus scientists will be able to create a material so strong that it will be able to resist nearly all types of bullets.

Currently engineers at the School of Civil Engineering at the University are working on the first stage of cement vest project development. The team of engineers is led by Dr Philip Purnell, who mentioned that their latest invention will not only provide a higher level of protection, but will also be cost-effective, reports Science Daily.

It is worth mentioning that the hi-spec body armor, available today, features alumina plates, a raw material used to create aluminum. To make the plates very hard, they are heated at temperatures of up to 1600 degrees Celsius over a two-week period. This process is called "sintering".

The current latest invention is one of the many ideas that engineers at University of Leeds attempt to implement. Among other ideas, there are: cement based pump-less fridges and enhanced bone replacements. To gather more ideas about other ways of using the cement, the lead researcher carries out an active search of engineers, scientists, designers, sculptors and artists, with fresh thoughts.

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