Thursday, 23 Sep, 2010 Science

Latest Invention: Ultrathin Bendable Lithium-Ion Batteries


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Scientists from Stanford managed to create new ultrathin paper-based lithium-ion batteries.

With the help of their latest invention it would be possible to power electronic newspapers.

In addition, the bendable batteries could be used to create smart packaging that would allow marketers to get more information about their customers.

It would be interesting to note that the batteries are only 300 microns thick. Besides, they are recyclable.

In order to create their latest invention, Stanford materials researchers Liangbing Hu, Hui Wu, Yi Cui, and their teammates used a thin film of carbon nanotubes to cover a solid support and placed a layer of a metal-containing lithium compound on top of the nanotubes, informs Chemical and Engineering News.

Afterwards scientists placed the double-layer films on both sides of regular paper. In such a construction the lithium films work as battery electrodes and the nanotube films play the role of current collectors. The role of electrode separator is played by the paper, which is also used as a mechanical support.

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