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Latest Invention: Warming Clothes Made of Recycled Coffee Beans


The California-based company Virus has recently presented its new line of clothes called StayWarm. The most interesting thing about clothes from this line is that their construction process involved the use of coffee charcoal.

Coffee grounds were recycled and turned into a natural fiber that was used to create a comfortable base layer fabric able to maintain heat close to the skin.

The company says that its clothes can increase surface temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Virus was able to achieve such a result without using any chemical treatments.

Besides keeping the skin warm, the new garments from Virus are able to keep moisture away from skin. When a person starts sweating, the garment launches its other features, including UV shielding and anti-odor properties.

It would be interesting to note that the company also boasts a line of clothes made of fabric that can keep a person cool. The line is called StayCool and together with the StayWarm line it was unveiled at the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) show that took place in Denver, Colorado.

At the moment the StayWarm line includes the Coffee Charchoal Long Sleeve Fitted top, available for $38; Long Sleeve Compression Crew Neck that one can purchase for $48; Men's All Weather Performance Boxer wearing a price tag of $30.50; Men's Stay Warm Boot Cut ¾ Length Compression Pant that can be bought for $54.50 and a Men's Stay Warm Form Core Warmer Sleeveless Top for $60.99.

[via Virus]

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