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Latest Invention: WikiCell - Edible Containers for Liquids and Solids


One of the most interesting features of nature is that it delivers fruits and vegetables in edible containers. With this in mind, David Edwards, a biomedical engineer, decided to create edible containers for different types of food, including juice and chocolate.

Dubbed, WikiCells, his invention represents a membrane composed of biodegradable polymer and particles of food that were combined using electrostatic forces.

The membrane can have a specific flavor thanks to food particles. The inventor has been working on a number of prototypes, including orange flavor membrane, a tomato flavor bottle, and grape packages.

Another interesting thing about WikiCells is that they can contain virtually anything, from solids to liquids.

So far Edwards managed to come up with biodegradable membrane rather than tasty. The final stage, however, is to make a machine able to produce "thin delicious membranes", which would make it possible for people in rural communities and the developing world to create their own containers, thus eliminating the need to search for plastics.

[via Harvard]

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