Friday, 21 Dec, 2007 Science

Loved Kids Have Higher IQ


Children that were brought up with affection and care develop a higher IQ than those who spend their life in an orphanage.

An extensive study conducted by Romanian scientists proved that kids living in foster families show significantly higher IQ by age 4 than if they were brought up in such institutions like an orphanage.

The results of the IQ tests were different in at least eight points depending on how early the child joined the foster family. However, both groups of children had lower IQ than those who were raised by their biological parents.

A 54 months old children who were brought up by foster family scored 81 points while those who stayed at an orphanage had 73 points on average. The kids who joined the foster family at an earliest age had the best results on IQ tests. Those children who were living with their biological parents had an average I.Q. of 109.

Some specialists in psychology had long being saying that institutionalization may play a major role.

Seth Pollak, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin said that the findings of the study will encourage international adoption policy to "get kids into families quickly".

In many countries like Romania adoption of a child can take up to many months which created a lot of difficulties for the families who want to become parents of the orphan kids.

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