Wednesday, 27 Oct, 2010 Science

Lunar Solar Power System that Sends Energy to Earth


Bryna Anderson's design of a huge astral power tower has recently won the 2010 Moon Capital International Design Challenge.

The graduate student from the Columbia University was inspired by idea of the American physicist Dr. David Criswell, who suggested the concept of a Lunar Solar Power System.

It is worth mentioning that over 100 submissions from designers representing 26 countries entered the competition.

The Lunar Solar Power System involves the use of photovoltaic converters to gather solar power on the lunar surface and feed that power to microwave generators. The latter would then send the energy to thousands of receivers around the Earth. After capturing the microwave beams, the receiver would then provide electricity to regional power grids.

In theory the system would be able to constantly supply the equivalent of 2kW per person. However, the system has a number of drawbacks. The main problem involves the construction of a huge solar array on the lunar surface. Such plan would require a large number of constructors, namely 4,400 on the moon, 340 in low-lunar orbit, and 400 in low-Earth orbit, informs Inhabitat.

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