Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 Science

Material that Allows Making Super Disks Found by Japanese Researchers


A group of scientists from Japan managed to discover a material that could be applied in making a low-price disc that would boast a data storing capacity much greater than a Blu-ray disc.

According to the researchers, when the light hits the new material, the latter turns from a black-color metal state, which can conduct electricity, into a brown semiconductor.

The material can open the door to a new generation of data storage devices, considers Shin-ichi Ohkoshi, chemistry professor at the University of Tokyo. The team of researchers, led by Ohkoshi, has created the material in particles with a diameter between 5nm and 20nm.

In case researchers apply the smallest particle, they can create a disc that would have a capacity 1,000 times greater than a Blu-ray disc. Made of titanium oxide, the new type of disk will not be expensive due to the fact that the material itself is rather cheap, informs Physorg.

"Titanium oxide is cheap and safe, already being used in many products ranging from face powder to white paint," said Ohkoshi. The researcher said that he would begin talks with companies from the private sector on the possible commercialization of disks made from the new material.

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