Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2009 Science

Men Require 8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love at First Sight


Scientists estimated the time needed for a man to fall in love at first sight, and the time is exactly 8.2 seconds. The more a man looks at a woman the more fascinated he is.

Scientists say that if a man looks for only four seconds he might not be really impressed. However, if the gaze rests on a woman for 8.2 seconds or more than he might fall in love.

Bu the same finding could not be applied to women. Looking at a man for more than 8.2 seconds doesn't always mean that a woman is interested.

Researchers installed hidden cameras to spy on the eye movement of 115 students while they were involved in conversation with actors and actresses. Later, these students were asked to rate the level of attractiveness of their chatting partners.

The average look of a man into the eyes of actresses, before they started considering them beautiful, is 8.2 seconds, reports the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. At the same time it took 4.5 seconds to for men to find a woman less attractive.

Scientists consider that men use eye contact to try to find fit and fertile partners. Women, however, are more cautious about drawing unwanted attention due to the risks of unwanted pregnancy and single parenthood.

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