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Men With Higher IQ Are Healthier, Study Finds


It seems that soon doctors will not only check your heart rate and blood pressure in order to estimate your general heath, but your level of intelligence as well. According to a new study that involved the analysis of 3654 Vietnam War veterans, men who have lower IQ are more likely to have a lot of heath issues, including hernias, ear inflammation, cataracts and more, than those with higher IQ.

The results of the research provide provoking proof that health and intelligence represent the outcome of common genetic factors. Besides, the study offers evidence that low intelligence could be a sign of dangerous genetic mutations.

"It poses the question to epidemiologists: why is it that intelligence is a predictor for things that seem so very far removed from the brain," says Rosalind Arden, the lead researcher of the study and a psychologist at King's College London.

However, one counter-argument is that people with higher IQ make healthier choices. The team of scientists found that signs of healthy living, for instance body mass index and not smoking, are not associated with overall health of veterans and a number of tests on intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that scientists analyzed information from a study that occurred in the period between 1985 and 1986 of Vietnam veterans, which was carried out by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports New Scientist. In the study, scientists attempted to find links between chemicals like Agent Orange and health issues. Veterans had to pass several physical exams and a number of tests on intelligence.

The team led by Arden looks forward to find more proof that common genetics factors are the ones that influence health and intelligence. Earlier study showed that Vietnam veterans with a higher IQ generate healthier sperm.

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